Customer Service Excellence

What is Customer Service Excellence?

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a nationally recognised standard designed to drive customer-focused change.  The standard aims to make a tangible difference to service users by encouraging provider organisations to focus on their individual needs and preferences.

The standard is aimed at all organisations, providing them with the tools to drive truly customer-focused services. However no restrictions have been imposed on eligibility and the standard can therefore be readily applied in the public, commercial or third sectors where business need to consistently review their approach and ensure it is truly focused around their customers.

What are the benefits of CSE accreditation?

  • It seeks to deliver the benefits of staff recognition and celebration.

  • It provides a framework for the rigorous measurement of customer satisfaction.

  • It provides a rigorous external validation of your practices and procedures.

  • It acts as a spur for improved customer service and promotes the concept of continuous improvement.

Our CSE Assessor

After a three year development programme, Lynda Willis from Customer Sense Training and Consultancy was appointed in June 2018 as a Registered Customer Service Excellence Assessor for Nottingham-based company, Assessment Services.  With her extensive experience in delivering customer service training in Northern Ireland coupled with her skills as a digital marketing examiner, she is well placed to assess organisations against the CSE standard in the province.