Floating your boat

Have you ever been to a restaurant and you’ve come away saying that it was just ok?  The surroundings may be lovely and the food was good but you just didn’t feel terribly positive about the experience.  Perhaps it’s hard to put your finger on what was wrong.

I was in a restaurant last weekend and it just didn’t “float my boat”.  And you’ve guessed it, the staff did not make me feel terribly welcome.  Yes, they were polite but they just were completed disinterested in me and my booking.  It wasn’t particularly busy either.

Love your customers

Good food simply isn’t enough.  Being polite isn’t enough either.  Businesses need to love their customers and give them such a positive experience that customers will pick them when next in the locality.  I wasn’t expecting a red carpet but I did expect some personality and interest especially when I tried to engage staff members in conversation.

By contrast, I was in another restaurant a few weeks ago.  Staff were really helpful and aimed to sort out all our requirements. There was a bit of banter too and I gave a generous tip at the end.  I know that not every customer wants to be your best friend but a warm welcome is required for every customer.  A smile and genuine interest in people will go a very long way,

Aim to float your customers’ boats

Please try to be excellent and not just ok in how you deal with your customers this weekend.  Try to “float your customers’ boats”!

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