What is Marketing?

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing:

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” 

It’s a well-known quote but it’s a tough nut to crack for any business owner today.  The team at Customer Sense can help you with a range of marketing activities to help you meet your customer needs.

Our Marketing Services

Market research

Do you know exactly what your customers want? You may think you do but until you actually ask customers you are actually working in the dark. Surveys and focus groups are just some of the market research expertise that Customer Sense has.

Marketing plans

Our marketing plans are not flowery words in fancy documents but practical marketing solutions that can be quickly implemented and lead to increased turnover for your business.  Plans are based on the SOSTAC framework.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram are some of the social media channels that we can help you to increase followers and engagement.

Mystery shopping

We have a team of mystery shoppers ready to carry out visits to your premises, make phone calls or write emails.  They often identify surprising results about the business.

Email marketing

Getting started with Mailchimp can be a challenge but we can guide you through the process and help you send out your first email newsletter.

Content marketing

Whether it is writing press releases, blogs or social media posts, we can help you to produce error-free copy for your business.

Competitor analysis

We can help you check out what your competitors are doing in terms of their products, prices and promotional methods.  This may help to identify new steps to reach new customers.

Building backlinks

Building backlinks to a website is an essential part of offsite SEO as well as sending more customers to your website.  We can help to identify backlinks for your business and to set them up.

Internal audit

Take a cold hard look at your own marketing activities to date – what has worked and what hasn’t worked for your business. An indepth internal audit is the starting point for your future marketing plan.


Making changes to WordPress websites is an area where we can help businesses too.  Whether it is adding new blog posts, finding new photographs or SEO activities, we are happy to develop your online presence.

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We recently participated on the Marketing Orbit Course run by Lough Neagh Partnership and had the privilege of being taken under the wing of Lynda Willis who was responsible for writing a marketing plan for the hotel.  She conducted this project with the highest degree of professionalism and worked very closely with us to ascertain what was required and then carried indepth market research work herself which was well above and beyond what was required of her.

On completion of the marketing plan, Lynda delivered it to the staff with clear and concise guidance as to how to move forward and we are pleased to say, as a hotel, we have taken some of the ideas on board and started to put the principles into action.

Lynda delivers an excellent professional service in a friendly and welcoming manner and we would highly recommend her as a marketing consultant.

Oonagh KellyGlenavon House Hotel, Cookstown

I was taught a great deal about marketing, PR and motivational skills when working for oneself and generally how to be more strategic in my approach to my business.

Melita WilliamsBespoke Northern Ireland

I found Lynda Willis’ mentoring very worthwhile. It motivated our company to look at new ideas and the marketing support made us more aware of opportunities in the market place.

Paul McAlister Paul McAlister Architects. Portadown

The mentoring was very good for many aspects of my business. It differed from other mentoring received in the past in that it was practical. It worked into where my business was at and applied direct help where it was needed most. Through the mentoring I was encouraged to focus on what was relevant to my business and not solely on trends within the business world.

Helen FitzpatrickHelen Fitzpatrick Jewellery, Moira

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