No mobile phones at work?

This has always been a hot potato at any of my customer service courses.  Most people say they don’t but in reality, I think a lot of people have sneaky looks at their phones during their core working hours.

A few months ago, I was at Balmoral Show and I had a lovely time walking around the various trade stands plus looking at a few animals.  All was good until I spotted a lady manning one of the trade stands.  She had her mobile in her hand and was busy typing while a potential customer waited for her to finish.  Who was more important?  The text message or the customer in front of her?  I know the text may have been very important but that potential customer was probably getting fed up and thinking of walking on to the next part of the show.

Mobile phone policy

Many businesses today have a mobile phone policy ie no use of mobile phones while at work.  Many members of staff think this is crazy and hide their phones in their pocket to have a sneaky cruise around Facebook when they think the boss isn’t looking.  Well, the boss may not see you but the customer might!  And guess what? The customer doesn’t get a very favourable impression of your business just like I did at Balmoral Show.  Even if you aren’t using your phone when it is in your pocket, you will feel the vibration and wonder who has been in touch with you – in other words, it is simply a distraction from your work and from your customers.

Put the customer first

Please put the customer first and leave your personal mobile phone calls, texts and posts until your tea break. Make your mobile phone your foe when at work and it can be your friend (or “life companion” as my phone tells me) when you are off duty.

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