WorldHost 2020 Training – Keeping Customers Safe in the new normal

Customer facing industries across the world have been severely impacted by coronavirus, with many businesses having to close their doors and adjust their operations. As the world gradually returns to a ‘new normal’, businesses will encounter a new set of ever evolving challenges, many of which will need tackling by staff on the frontline. Addressing the challenges of customer interaction, fears of crowds and infection will be an essential part of the customer experience to ensure repeat business.

Launched on 8 June 2020

The new ‘WorldHost 2020’ solution is an extension to the globally recognised WorldHost customer service programme. It integrates the changed hygiene and social customer experience factors in light of COVID-19, helping to assure business owners that they can reopen their doors with confidence.

WorldHost 2020 is an engaging and interactive learning experience. As it is an e-learning programme, people can access the course at a time that suits them and on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Once completed, participants will be able to put their new knowledge into action at work keeping both themselves and their customers safer in the fight against coronavirus.

Who should take the WorldHost 2020 programme?

This e-learning programme is aimed at any front-line staff who come into contact with and have regular interactions with customers. It is relevant to staff working in a wide range of industry sectors eg retail, hospitality, medical, etc. It could also help furloughed, redeployed and new customer-facing employees as they prepare to go back to work in the new COVID-19 world which we live in.

What does it cover?

This 60 minute e-learning programme covers the following elements:

• Personal Protective Equipment in a customer facing role
• Maintaining good personal hygiene
• Behavioural expectations on public transport
• Communicating key information and setting clear boundaries at arrival and entrance
• Greeting customers, guests and visitors
• Adapting the interior environment
• Customer interaction
• Taking payments
• Maintaining facilities and a clean environment
• The importance of being ‘fit for work’

There is a short multiple choice test at the end and successful participants will receive a certificate.

Learning Outcome

This course meets the People 1st Professional Standard for Service Operators which were developed using expert input from employer-led boards across hospitality, retail, travel and aviation.  The key learning outcome of WorldHost 2020 is to drive positive behaviours in a rapidly changing customer facing environment that:

• Support health and hygiene
• Maintain a positive reputation
• Increase customer confidence

What is the cost of the programme?

Just £5 per person – this is a special introductory price to assist all organisations at this challenging time.

Frequently asked questions

What is WorldHost?

WorldHost is a suite of world-class customer service training programme designed to provide the foundations for commercial success by delivering excellence in customer experience.  Over 20,000 people have been trained on one of the WorldHost Programmes in Northern Ireland since 2012 including staff at Titanic Belfast, Crumlin Road Gaol, Giant’s Causeway and HRP Hillsborough Castle.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is a way of learning on a website which you can do at a time that suits you best ie there is no set time when to take the course.

WorldHost 2020 is structured into sections and within each section there are a number of pages.  You can stop and start as you wish.  In each section, there is information to read, short videos to watch and short multiple choice quizzes to check you have understood.

Why is it only £5?

WorldHost 2020 is definitely a bargain but it is an introductory price which is likely to increase in the future.  So book your places now!

Can I get extra time to take the course?

Yes – while some people will work through the course within an hour, others will need a little more time and that is absolutely fine.

How do I book places?

Simply click on the “Pay Now” button below and you will be brought to a registration page.  You will be asked for the number of places as well as your name, address, email address and company name.

Finally enter your card details to pay – both debit and credit cards are accepted via the secure card payment system (Stripe).

After your payment is received, you will be asked for a list of delegates with their email addresses.  A few days later, you will receive the course joining details for each person.


Just click the “Pay Now” button below to place your order – it’s as simple as that.