Social Media Customer Service Online Training

Customer service touchpoints have increased considerably over the years due to massive shifts in consumer behaviour brought about by widespread access to the internet.  The increasing use of social media channels and other online platforms such as news, cost comparison, online review sites and discussion forums has created a nation of more educated and informed consumers.  They utilise the internet to conduct research into products, services and providers, make online purchases and engage with companies and other customers directly.

As customers increasingly use social media to contact businesses, this has resulted in a need for social media customer service training.  This will assist companies to address the new challenges they are being presented with as they are contacted online via their Facebook page, Twitter account or even Instagram as well as face to face in their stores.  In addition, companies also need support to track and respond to online conversations about their brand.

Who is the course for?

This course is applicable to any business and its customers, regardless of whether it is a product or service provider. Digital customer experience has a huge impact on the overall success of all businesses, whether your customers are individual consumers (B2C), business customers (B2B) or public sector organisations (B2G).

Businesses who deal with the general public tend to experience a heightened risk of negative online publicity and should have a strategy in place to address this.  Retail, tourism, hospitality and catering businesses are among those which are increasingly talked about online, as are telecommunications providers, and public service companies such as local authorities, education establishments and public utilities.

Bespoke inhouse courses can be delivered to a group of staff from the same organisation.  Alternatively individuals can book places on an open course which take place from time to time.

How is the course delivered?

This is an online course and it is delivered to attendees via Zoom, Go To Meeting or Microsoft Teams. Delegates will be able to see the trainer and the slides as well as being encouraged to make comments via the chat function and to make verbal comments too.

How long is the social media customer service course?

This is usually a two hour course but it is delivered in two sessions each lasting one hour each.  There is usually a gap of a week between sessions to give participants time to carry out some of their own research into other companies’ usage of social media channels for customer service.

Course Content

  • What is social media?
  • What is social media customer service?
  • Recent trends in social media
  • Making a positive first impression with social media customer service in terms of speed, professional writing, thorough customer research and answering the questions asked
  • The importance of adopting a warm and friendly tone of voice in social media responses
  • The difference between generic and personalised social media responses
  • Managing customer needs and expectations on social media
  • Handling customer complaints on social media
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of customer service on social media channels