Leadership Skills Training Course (one day)

The old proverb says that management is doing things right and that leadership is doing the right thing.  Strong and decisive leaders are the foundation of any business and enhancing your leadership skills is crucial to being the best leader you can be.

If you are a current team leader or first line manager who needs to improve your leadership skills or if you are part of a team and want to make the transition from team member to team leader then this is the course for you.

Your leadership style

During the training you will review your leadership style and the effect it has on your team.  Through self – assessment and feedback, you will learn how to improve your leadership skills and build happier and more productive teams just like the geese in our video clip.

The training is highly participative, using facilitated discussion, presentations, case studies, group and individual activities. Learners are encouraged to complete an action plan highlighting what they will change or do differently in the workplace.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for potential team leaders and experienced supervisors and team leaders who wish to improve their leadership skills.  The course content can be tailored to suit the development needs and experiences of the audience.

There is a maximum of 12 delegates on each course.

Course Content

  • Changing leadership –  Leadership in the 21st Century
  • What kind of a leader are you – Assess your leadership style
  • Changes and challenges in your organisation
  • The balance of Task and People
  • Credibility – Your leadership credit rating – Kouzes and Posner
  • Leadership practice – Characteristics, Skills and Behaviours
  • You as a Leader
  • Leadership continuum – levels of control, undesirable leaders, listening leaders
  • Personal skills – attributing characteristics, assertiveness, influencing strategies, time management
  • Action centred leadership – The Adair Model
  • Situational leadership – Hersey and Blanchford
  • 4 styles of situational leadership
  • Leadership and development levels
  • 5 steps to develop competence and commitment